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Saturday, March 12, 2011
The Waypost
3120 N. Williams, Portland, OR
Dipping our toes back in to playing live, post-baby explosion, with an acoustic set


Recent Reviews

"Axton Kincaid switches things up several times across this album by incorporating California country-rock and Kentucky bluegrass, while evoking Nashville new and old, and never worrying about whether these elements are meant to mix. The band reveres tradition, not convention, and "Silver Dollars" shines because of it. 8 out 10"--Popmatters

“Axton Kincaid takes up where the late lamented Meat Purveyors left off…it's all in the intoxicated, mandolin-led indiegrass family”--San Francisco Weekly

“Recalling moments of Freakwater and The Be Good Tanyas and armed with dazzling three-layer harmonies…an obvious love for classic twang while bringing a little contemporary attitude along the way.”--San Francisco Bay Guardian

“What I like the most about Silver Dollars is how new and modern it sounds. This is smart, often very touching, but always really pleasing and engaging country music. I really dig it and can't wait to here what they do next. (Top 10 pick for 2008)” Country Music

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