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Friday, December 16, 2005

That Thar Picture

Inquisitive AK "fans" have asked us about the sweet buckin' bronco photo on our site. It was taken at the 1928 Harney County fair and rodeo, Harney County being the sagebrush-covered, tall-tale-inspiring high desert of Eastern Oregon from whence our singer's family comes. The man who owns the rights to this and many other awesome photos graciously let us use it after learning that Kate comes from a long and distinguished line of Eastern Oregon Jackalope and Snipe-hunting champions.
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What We Learned Last Night

Three out of five Axton Kincaid members' childhood homes were on dirt roads.
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Monday, December 12, 2005

The Obligatory Post of Recording Photos

We recorded last weekend. Highlights included Kate drinking a gallon of water a day, the others alternating between a flask of Bushmills and a flask of Jameson, and an impromptu post-recording party at Ryan's house where we listened to the Louvin Brothers and learned that Mac's dad used to brunch with Chet Atkins!

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Of Measurements and the Make-Out Room

3/5s of the band had just woken up from naps, and 2/5s were hungover,* but we managed to get ourselves to our Make-Out Room show last night. Other than a plane landing on the stage, the show went swimmingly, including our new cover song featuring drummer/wedding band veteran/pinup boy Jon Fojtik on lead vocals.

*Amateur Night at the AK Drinking Corral (quantities are per person):
2 glasses white wine
1 glass rose wine
2 glasses red wine
2 glasses jack and coke
1 strawberry daiquiri
1 beer
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Friday, December 02, 2005

Oh, Neko

Someday, we will meet Neko Case, and Kate and Jen will say, "We love you, Neko!" and she will say, "Oh yeah, well then, why don't you marry me?" and then we'll say, "We cannot, for we are already married," and then Mac will tell her he loves her, and she'll say, "Well, why don't YOU marry me?" and Mac will say, "I cannot, for I have a girlfriend," and then Jon will say, "I love you too, Neko," and Neko will say, "Then why don't YOU marry me," and Jon will say, "I cannot, for I am engaged to be married," and then Ryan will say, "I love you, Neko," and Neko will say, "Well then, Big Daddy, why don't you marry me?" and Ryan will say, "OK."

And that is how Ryan will marry Neko Case.
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A Very Homo Wedding

Our friend Kathleen made our year when she got engaged to a man whose last name is Homo and then asked us to play their wedding. This has resulted in countless hours of fun at band practices, when we get to ask each other, "Has anyone talked to the Homos about soundcheck?" and "What should our set list be for the Homo Wedding?" This was Jon and Ryan's second time playing a Homo Wedding--the first being when their former band, Fojimoto, was Kate and Jen's wedding band--and the first time for Kate, Jen and Mac. We had high hopes for the Homo Wedding, and they were exceeded. We drank our weight in White Russians and Mac's girlfriend crashed the reception. Thanks, Homos!

The Happy Homos at our Halloween Parkside show

Beer? Check. Champagne? Check. Tampon? Check.

Mac learns the hard way that Kate does not share once the open bar has closed
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