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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Stalking Ryan's Wife

Ryan's wife, Neko, has a new record out. It's so beautiful and so overwhelming that, upon first listen, one of us demanded it be taken out of the stereo after four songs because it was simply too much. After a few days' recovery, we braved the depths of the beauty that is Neko and went back for the whole thing. Odds are, anyone who reads this already went out and got the record, but on the off-chance any of you didn't, well...we recommend it.

Oh, and she finally has a real website, too.
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The Word...

...about our Rickshaw show, in the form of a couple more little previews below. Our own words about the show are lacking, as all of our memories had been compromised by the next morning, so we'll have to rely on photos, which we'll upload soon. We do, however, have this photo of the birthday girl's Maker's Mark cake.

From sfstation:
The band: Jen Daunt and Kate Howser (mandolin, acoustic git, sweet sweet harmonies, and also know for their louder, guitar-driven bands Luster and Economy Class), joined by the stellar rhythm section of Ryan Waggoner and Jon Fojtik (Fojimoto), with sugary pedal steel by by Mac Martine.

From the SF Bay Guardian:
Ex-Fojimoto players put down their indie and go hillbilly (except when it comes to their bluegrassy Stone Roses cover).

This is the best picture of Tami EVER!

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