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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mama Tired

A song to commemorate last weekend's shows, with apologies to Merle.

The first thing we remember knowin'
Was sayin' "yes" to three fun "showin's"
Thinkin' we could have some fun and get away
Mac and Shannon, Karen and Ryan
Kate and Jon and Jen
It was a party without end, now Mama tired

And we played twice in San Francisco
And once in San Jose
Free shots and beer all night
Now Mama tired, Mama tired
Mama tired from all the drinking
And the songs we played and sang
So we're gonna all take naps
Cause Mama tired

Dear old Jonny, rest his soul
Made the drive back home alone
While the rest of us stumbled to our rooms
Pillow fights till 3 am
Pourin' beer on each others' head
They tried to shut us down, but we refused


Wild and drunken nights
Police action (was it a fight?)
Topped of with a late-night pantry raid
Despite all the food and water
We still woke up hungover
The only remedy was more beer the next day

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Obligatory Post of Recording Photos, Part II

Second in a series...

Bart is the best engineeer we've ever worked with. Also, he's trying to bring back the word "Frisco."

Mac has an actual angel on his shoulder!
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Happy Birthday, Slim

The sad fact is, this is Mac's "smart" look.
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Monday, April 03, 2006

It Was the Best of Times...

Some scenes from Civil War Days in Knight's Ferry...

Favorite pre-midnight moment: 1pm battle for the Knight's Ferry bridge (the Confederate dogs won, and Mac celebrated with a barbecued beef sandwich)

This cannon was so loud, it made your pant legs flap if you got too close.

Favorite post-midnight moment: Spontaneous hoot in the Washington Hotel parlor
Around 1am, we took the hoot over to the B&B across the street, where the owner and charming hostess, Jan, brought us wine and spoke appreciately of Mac's physical attributes, despite being, in her own words to Kate, "old enough to be his mother."

No piano is safe from a rendition of the Smiths' "Sing Me to Sleep" when Jen is around.

Least-favorite moment: Realizing one song into the second set that the whole band was too drunk to play

We were able to get through the first set. Looking back, the pictured six pack and the unseen flask of whiskey were portents of doom for the second.

Favorite meal: $5 spaghetti feed at the Knight's Ferry Community Center

It was the perfect drinking food, and the most amazing Barbershop Quartet walked around serenading the tables. Sadly, they rejected our offer to join us for our second set.

Favorite Confederate soldier: Frenchie

Frenchie showed up for our late-night hoot, but declined to play the banjo.

Favorite easily misconstrued quote from Ryan: "I like to yank it, but it's nice to change things up from time to time"

Favorite easily misconstrued quote from Mac: "It's better when she keeps her mouth shut"

Favorite non-misconstrued quote from a Bucksworth Western Wear customer: "Yeah, that don't smell too queer"

Favorite "Missi" Elliott poster:

We heard she she likes to flip that shit, then reverse it.

Favorite unexpected math moment: Ryan's calculus lesson

(Click the image to see the video!)

More pictures:

Little Johnny Fojtik, drummer boy and mascot of the 8th Michigan Infantry. Brought down by a sniper's bullet at age 16. Too soon, Lord, too soon.

Set list the morning after.

Not surprisingly, we only saw Confederate soldiers lollygagging about in the bar all day.
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