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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day

We kicked some shit, we drank some whiskey, we did some Okie Stompin', we made some friends, we basked in the sun, we followed it up with late-night cheesesteaks. Oh yeah, and we played with a bunch of great bands. Life is good.

(Click the image to see the video!)
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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Introducing...Beth Howser!

We've been selling a demo EP at our shows until we get the real-deal CD finished (probably August). We also sent some copies to a few radio stations, and damn if people didn't actually play some songs. Like, on the air and shit! DJ Joe Sixpack also gave a nice review of it, and spilled the beans about Kate's alter-ego, "Beth.":

"Nice, down-to-earth, twangy alt-country with a bluegrassy feel, sort of like Jim & Jennie or Freakwater--a little more settled-down and conventional, but no less enthusiastic or lively. Nice set of original tunes, mostly written by San Francisco-based singer-guitarist Beth Howser, kicking off with a catchy honkytonk/old-timey ditty, "Who's Gonna Pour My Whiskey When You're Gone?" that sets a great pace for the rest of the record. Good, solid band with a nice grasp of country music's soulful, non-novelty side... I'm always in favor of folks who take it seriously and get things right. Lookin' forward to more from these folks!"
(Joe Sixpack's Hillbilly Record Riot:
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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

JD Take a Bow

Jen will be playing mandolin on a few songs with This Charming Band, a Smiths cover band, this Saturday night at the Rockit Room. All those years of teenage misery drinking rum and coke in her darkened bedroom to "The Queen Is Dead" are finally paying off!
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