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Thursday, July 27, 2006

RIP, Dad

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We're Totally Top Tier!

Jose Segue over at Hicks with Sticks (a great resource for all things Americana/Country/Roots/Gasp,Gasp,Etc.) said some nice things about us:

"Axton Kincaid is a band that has quietly worked its way to the top tier of the 2006 band wave. They gave the crowd reason to believe during their set at the annual Shit Kickin' Memorial Day bash at El Rio. They've also put out a 4-song EP/CD that should get more than a few bookers' heads to turn."
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Friday, July 14, 2006

A Prayer for Kate Meaney

Sometimes, one has an irresistible urge to commit a strange, awkward, potentially outcast-making act. Despit societal pressures and the misunderstanding of loved ones, one continues to satisfy this urge--for what, one knows not. But something, a fire, deep in the belly says, "yes, go forward, don't listen to them. They do not understand. Perhaps even you don't understand. But someday...someday, this will all make sense." This phenomenon is perhaps best illustrated in John Irving's novel Owen Meaney, in which the miniature, raspy-voiced protaganist has a pathological need to repeatedly practice grabbing a basketball, jumping into his friend's arms, and then perfectly timing his leap to do a slam dunk. For almost the whole novel, no one--not Owen, not his friend, not the reader--understands this strange and irresistible urge. He is obsessed and tortured by his need to repeat this action. Yet through it all, Owen has faith that there must be a reason for it.

So consider the stage set for our randomest-ever show, as "house band" for Alice Radio's annual Fourth of July broadcast at Six Flags. We rose at 3:30AM, poured our Bailey's and coffee into our to-go mugs and got there in time to play by 6AM. Things went as expected--we played into and out of commercials, we played a couple full songs on the air. And that is when the amazing happened: Kate had her Owen Meaney moment. In Owen's case, his years of practice enable him to (spoiler alert) save a group of Vietnamese orphans from a bomb-throwing maniac, sacrificing his life along the way. In Kate's case, her years of burping at all locales (at the dinner table as a child, on horseback, into the mic at band practice and at shows, and unfortunately, sometimes in restaurants) and with all beverages (beer, pop, even water) in spite of her friends' and family's disappointing stares and groans--finally paid off. Although she didn't save any Vietnamese orphans, when she was drafted unexpectedly into the burping contest, she was able--under extremely difficult circumstances, while in front of a live audience, and across the airwaves to hundreds of thousands of listeners--to burp on cue, and with full volume and depth. Just as with Owen Meaney, the call came when she least expected it, but her years of practice meant that she had no fear. No. Rather, a sense of calm overtook her; she was in her element. This, my friends, made it all worthwhile.

The burp video is on YouTube. Here are some pictures of the rest of our morning:

The sun is rising--NOT setting.

We were forced to play on stage because they were going to run an elephant through the place and they didn't want us to get trampled.

Mac kept looking for the elephant. But the elephant never came.
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