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Friday, November 17, 2006

A Forgotten Nice Thing

We forgot to post this nice review of us on a blog called Ashcan Rantings. Not sure how he found us, but we're grateful!

"A friend recently pointed me toward Axton Kincaid--a bluegrass, alt-country band comprised of musicians who formerly played in the bands Fojimoto and Luster. Mixing straightforward lyrics, acoustic guitar, mandolin, steel guitar and three-part harmonies, Axton Kincaid plays the kind of country music that should be on the radio, instead of the country-faux-pop that currently clogs the airwaves.If you like Alison Krauss or Nickel Creek, you'll like Axton Kincaid."
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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oh, Neko, Part II

It's been rainy and overcast in San Francisco--perfect weather for listening to Neko Case and then getting really excited about her all over again and then sending Neko pictures to each other and saying how we're going to marry her. In a totally non-stalkerish way, of course. That can be absolutely vouched for because Kate and Jen did once meet Neko Case, and nothing stalkerish at all happened. As a matter of fact, Kate ran from the room, and Jen shook her hand in, like, slo-mo, and when Neko asked how the sound that night was, was too overwrought to lie and said it could've been better and then couldn't think of anything else to say. Hopefully Neko respects honesty...?

Anyway, speaking of Neko photos, this is Mac's favorite:

He emails this to us about once a month, usually with some joke about how this hot girl is on his couch RIGHT NOW and he just took her picture, etc.

Kate's favorite was already posted in Ryan's wedding announcement.

This is Jen's favorite, because she likes these kinds of trucks. Someday she'll get one and learn to fix it, and then if she meets Neko again she'll have something to talk about.
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