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Thursday, March 29, 2007


Check it. Here we are on a big stage and shit. The same stage Liberace played (he arrived on stage hidden in a box carried by an elephant!) and the same stage Morissey (easy, Jen...) is going to play soon. Note how we cropped the pic to show the Extreme Reno Casino Lighting!

Now the weirdest thing about our show in Reno wasn't the fact that we were playing Reno or that we were playing the Nugget Casino or that we were opening for the awesome BR549. No, the weirdest part was that not the tiniest percentage of the tiniest percentage went wrong! Everything was perfect. We played the best we've every played, we didn't get too drunk, we didn't stay too sober. We didn't lose too much gambling. We ate great food. And the best part--we had a traveling party, cause all the guys' girls were there!

Mac's throwdown, Shannon, was kind enough to throw her birthday party in Reno so he could play the show guilt-free. Jon's preggers wife, Jenn, came along, and when she wasn't sleeping or escaping the smoke, she was a freaky freak as usual. And Ryan's interstate lover Karen flew in too. It was totally awesome!
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Two New Write-Ups

In a stunning and rare example of free-weekly-paper agreement, both the SF Weekly and the Guardian made our CD Release Party this Friday one of their picks of the week:

From the Guardian:
"I know it's only March, but I think I might already have my favorite song title of the year: "Who's Gonna Pour My Whiskey When You're Gone?" OK, so this little ear pricker-upper by local twang gang Axton Kincaid is actually a farewell to a cherished bartender, not a lover, as I first thought, but with its dual themes of loss and drinking, it's as country as a greased pig (and yeah, that's a compliment). The quintet, recalling moments of Freakwater and the Be Good Tanyas and armed with dazzling three-layer harmonies, will hopefully deliver this future barroom classic at the release party celebrating its new album, Songs from the Pine Room. Could they be a 21st-century Carter Family, perhaps?" (Todd Lavoie)

Hello, did we just get a Carter Family reference??

And from the SF Weekly:
Country Road Warriors
By Hiya Swanhuyser
"Axton Kincaid takes up where the late lamented Meat Purveyors left off, and that's a good thing. The local quintet's sad country drinking songs tend to be slow and emo where the Purveyors' were fast and pissed off, but it's all in the intoxicated, mandolin-led indiegrass family. Songwriter Kate Howser's got a way with words on new CD Songs From the Pine Room: "Keep your eyes/ On the red lights/ For the next two miles, they're your best friends," she warns in the drinking-and-driving adventure tune "Red Lights." Bay Area favorite Jon Fojtik gets in one of the only country-music drum solos known to humankind on "Rearview," and the whole album is destined to be a favorite of pedal steel fans everywhere as Mac Martine plays Jon Rauhouse to the rest of the band's Neko Case."

You know how we feel about Neko, right? Anyone who knows us or has read this blog knows we are (totally non-stalkerly) obsessed.

Thanks, Hiya and Todd!
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Poker in the Front, AK in the Rear

Dudes, in a little more than 24 hours, we'll be playing in Reno! At the Nugget! With BR549! We will be the biggest little band in the world in the biggest little city in the world. We are going to hold 'em and fold 'em and not count our money when we're sittin' at the table. Cause there'll be time enough for counting when the evenin's done. But that may not be until Monday morning...
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

He Had an Arm of Glass

Mac had this piece of glass removed from his arm today! Hopefully this does not mean he has lost his magic touch. Get better, Mac!
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Friday, March 09, 2007

Pinky, We Hardly Knew You

Pinky was sacrificed to the gods of radio last night, lost somewhere in the hallways of KRSH 95.9FM. If anyone finds a medium-sized pink ball with a sassy attitude and penchant for bouncing against walls and car windows, please send him our way. PINKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

UPDATE: We found Pinky!!!

Note: This is not an actual picture of Pinky.
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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We Did Not Know the Way out of San Jose

Barely escaped driving in circles around San Jose until the sun came up. It's a big city--why so few on ramps? We could see the freeway above, but we couldn't get to it. It was late. We were tired and perhaps a little too tipsy to be driving. Still not sure how we made it out of there.
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