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Monday, December 01, 2008

Silver Dollars on Lithium!

...Radio, that is:

"This album reminds me of those Sunday afternoons when I was a little kid sitting in church (Southern Baptist) with my mother listening to the “choir” sing those old Hymns. The tracks aren’t Hymns or inspirational in that way but they have that same feel.

Besides Hank III I haven’t the modern bands that I’ve heard do classic (or traditional) country I haven’t really liked too much, but I’ve always said that energy and passion will come across on a record and will make it so much better and that’s what we have here, Axton Kincaid put every ounce they have to give into Silver Dollars.

Like a lot of country music, this album is perfect for sitting around drinking (vodka shots?) and smoking cigarettes. From the pit-falls of alcoholism (The Saddest Story) to bar hopping (We Should Be Drinking), that one just screams “pour me a drink”. But that’s not all the album is about, there’s almost every aspect of life’s highs and lows sung with the passions of someone who’s lived through the the things they’re singing about.

In short, a good album by a talented band, everybody who considers themselves an open minded music fan should at least give these guys a listen."

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