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Friday, September 12, 2008

New Record!

Hello, from sunny Portland, OR. Yes, Portland, OR, and yes, sunny. Three-fifths of AK are now up here (helllooooooo, Ryan and Jon), loving the Northwest but also missing the Bay Area. Love hurts.

But enough about our needs, what about our music? Well, we have something to say about that, too. Perhaps you noticed we have been very stupid about updating this section of the site (see above move to the Northwest, earlier posts re: Jon's baby, recording, etc.), but we have something we're very proud of to show for our lack of communication: a beautiful bouncing new CD! It is called Silver Dollars . We are very proud of it. We can't wait to share it with you. We are trying not to be totally immodest.

The CD will be released October 21 by Free Dirt Records (who also released Songs from the Pine Room last year) and we'll be playing a CD release party in San Francisco at the Make-Out Room on November 1. Portland CD release TBA and stuff. You'll be able to buy it at the shows, on the Free Dirt site, and here on our site.

We are truly sorry for our lack of site updates, but after quite awhile of upheaval, we are back, and ready to twang and drink and play these new songs for you. Thank you, dear reader(s), for your patience. It's been too long. We've missed you. Let's put this all behind us and look towards a new dawn: a newly bi-citied band, a new CD, and new inspiration!

Yours in whiskey, late nights, good music, and good lovin',


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