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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Back As Promised

Already back! How's that for a New Year's resolution, eh?

So here's a roundup of some recent reviews of our new CD,
Silver Dollars. More on the way!:

One of the writers at included us in his Top 10 of 2008 list:
"Portland/San Francisco-based band Axton Kincaid is tough to classify. The band’s vocals have the charming self-awareness that characterizes modern indie folk, they flirt with old-timey harmonies, they play honky-tonk tunes, and they have some really smart rock arrangements. No slouches in the songwriting department either, the band gives us more than a few great ones on this record. But I think what I like the most about Silver Dollars is how new and modern it sounds; that and how excited Axton Kincaid seem to be playing their music. This is smart, often very touching, but always really pleasing and engaging country music. I really dig it and can’t wait to here what they do next."
We also got mentioned as one of Ten More Great Americana CDs from 2008 on
Fratrain's blog:
"A fine little San Francisco band, hip Americana with nice harmonies. Recommended!"
If you speak Dutch, you can read what the Belgians think of the new record from the horse's mouth at
ROOTSTIME. For the rest of us, here's a Google-ized translation, with a few editorial/translating tweaks to avoid giving you fits of laughter:

"The driving force of the formation of Axton Kincaid from San Franciscio is lead singer Kate Howser, who usually writes the songs for the CDs of her group. In the first half of 2007, they released their debut album, “Songs from the Pine Room” which also received positive reviews. Following that album, they shared the stage with Camper Van Beethoven, The Mother Truckers and Eileen Jewell. It was singer Kate who personally told us that the 12 new songs of the successor, “Silver Dollars,” were inspired by the country rock songs from the seventies and the classic Nashville sound.

Kate Howser and Jennifer Daunt (vocals and mandolin) have played together in various bands in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bassist Ryan Wagoner provides multiple songs for some extra vocal support and he also co-wrote four songs, including the smooth and swinging country duet “Spend Some Time with Me.”’

Inspiration for the songs on “Silver Dollars” are a bad childhood, divorce, and the fun and less pleasant moments in life. Axton Kincaid also do a contemporary version of the song “Long Black Veil,” the story of a murder suspect who refuses to be an alibi because at the time of the murder he was in the arms of his best friend’s wife. He takes this secret to his grave and the woman is in mourning. The original song dates from 1959 and comes from the songbook of country legend Left Frizzell. Johnny Cash, Joan Baez, Marianne Faithfull, Joni Mitchell, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen had previously discovered this song and recorded their own versions. It should, however, be said that in this list of great cover versions, this version by Axton Kincaid should be included.

The listening of the album “Silver Dollars” includes a list of memorable songs susceptible to repetition: “The Saddest Story,” about a friend who no longer likes like the bottle, “Empty Houses,” ”Spend Some Time with Me,” “Long Black Veil,” the pedal steel ballads “The Narrows” and “Hey Donna” and the concluding Irish drunk sound song, “I Don’t Need to Wear a Hat (to Prove I’m Country), in which Kate Howser makes us believe that Kirsty McColl is still alive. Axton Kincaid remain at all times faithful to their own style in the songs on this beautiful disc." (valsam)
Can You See the Sunset from the South Side made "Walking Papers" and "We Should Be Drinking" featured tracks:
Silver Dollars is the second album from Axton Kincaid, whose traditional country rock meets bluegrass sound and three-part harmonies is colored by shades of modern West Coast indie rock. The Dixie Chicks meets Centro-matic with an arsenal of fiddles, pedal steel, and harmonicas in tow."
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