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Monday, February 22, 2010

We're Large and in Charge, and in the "Studio"


Studio = bedroom


Large and in charge = twins due in June

That's pretty much why we've been laying low, and will be for awhile! The second part is self-explanatory and will necessitate us being out of commission until god knows when--hopefully just August. The first part can use some more explaining, which is that we've been working with our friend Dylan on a new record! Dylan also is an SF expat living in PDX; he runs Badman Recordings and is a great base stealer on our softball team.

The new record is all songs that came from the same place as "Walking Papers," on our last record, Silver Dollars: Our friend Robbyn's grandfather, Elmer, a former nighttime security guard in Kansas, left her a suitcase full of lyrics when he died, and Jen has been writing music to go with them, ala Wilco/Billy Bragg's Mermaid Ave. We recorded some basic tracks in the studio with Dylan and some crack players up here in PDX; now we're adding overdubs and doing other fun stuff at home. Look for the record to be done in the next couple months (see above, re: second reason for being out of commission). We will for sure spread the news when it's ready.

And speaking of recordings, Dirty Linen recently gave our second record, Silver Dollars, a very nice review:

Axton Kincaid Silver Dollars [Free Dirt DIRT-CD-0057 (2008)]

Like the Meat Purveyors and Freakwater before them, San Francisco’s Axton Kincaid tramples over the same footpath on which country, folk, Americana, and bluegrass intertwine without much distinction. Jennifer Daunt’s mandolin playing and Kate Howser’s cheery, hearty vocals form the foundation of AK’s airy, acoustic sound, which includes some fiddle and steel guitar in the arrangements.

Several tunes, like “We Should Be Drinking,” in which the last verse finds every reveler in the whole damn joint warbling away, and the self-explanatory “I Don’t Need to Wear a Hat (To Prove I’m Country),” are simply buckets of fun. A few more — like the infectious opening track where a protagonist gives up and turns to the bottle — are more serious, but never maudlin, due to the tuneful melodies and arrangements. They put a refreshing spin on “Long Black Veil,” kicking it up a few notches instead of typically heard mournful, faux-Celtic ballad, while “Let the World Go By” has a spaghetti-western motif. Fun stuff that holds up well. (DW)
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